Ukrainian doctors conducted a unique operation to the man who lost a leg

Українські лікарі провели унікальну операцію чоловікові, який втратив ногу

“Leg hurts? And the mood, Yuri? Ana move your fingers, says, examining the patient, Andrew Pogorelec, head of Department of burn and plastic surgery of the Transcarpathian regional hospital. — Pink skin, edema on the leg is almost gone. All will be well!” says gasea “Express”.

The leg folded, as in fracture: bone to bone, sewed all the vessels, nerves and tendons and all fixed with plaster. Now the circulation in the limb was completely restored. Within two months, you need to wear a cast while the bone srostetsya. And then long-term rehabilitation, will have to learn to walk again.

In a hospital ward 58-year-old Yuri Helbich oldest patient. Nurses and doctors consider him lucky. Despite his age and severe injury, endured a complex surgery, which lasted more than six hours. He already tries to stand on the right leg, which is cut with a circular saw. Leans on the crutches and taking the first steps in a hospital ward. Stopping a cast, which protrude four horizontal spokes. The Ilizarov apparatus is needed to equalize the bones on the affected and healthy legs. Because after replantation ending at 2 — 3 inches shorter.

“The doctors made a miracle, — said Yuri Helbich. I had the chance of a lifetime to remain a cripple! Just came out of anesthesia, did not believe their eyes: the leg that nearly cut off below the knee, was in place.

…The accident happened in the workshop. Measured the piece of Board I wanted to cut it. Included dust, suddenly tripped and fell. The blood gushing fountain. Foot stayed only a shred of skin.

Pain and shock did not immediately realize what happened. Well, next was able to put a tourniquet on it, put on a stretcher and cut off my leg… Went to the hospital.”

In the hospital surgeons did not undertake a complicated operation. Injected painkillers and sent to the regional. When I arrived, it took almost six hours from the time of injury. Severed leg was cold…

“And the doctor was waiting for — it warned of a difficult case. Andrew I. examined me, and after meeting with other specialists said that in half an hour to sew up,” recalls the man.

In General, the patient had to do three operations. A month and a half of rehabilitation, the patient has become on the foot.

“Sew severed limbs frequently, — says Andrey Pohorilak. — In addition to knowledge and experience, microsurgery requires precision, because you have to sew the nerves and small blood vessels, some with a diameter less than one millimeter. The operation of replantation of the organs is performed under a microscope.

By the way, to save a severed foot is more difficult than, for example, a hand. This case was complicated. Time was not a success, and the patient’s age was against us. Those who are more than 50 years, reconstruction of limb after amputation is much more complicated — vessels are in perfect condition, and the operation is difficult for them to withstand.

The first operation lasted more than 6 hours. Participation in it took three teams of doctors. Fortunately, all went well, Mr. Yuri bravely withstood the ordeal. Affects his will to recovery.”

The doctor says that in two months my husband will get the cast off. The main thing — that the bone recovered fully. Further — long-term rehabilitation. So about a construction job my husband will have to forget.


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