Ukrainian exporters of light may be required to pay for transportation of electricity

Украинских экспортеров света могут обязать платить за транспортировку электричества

Exporteres – bring losses. Ukrainian exporters of the world – those who sell kilowatts abroad and brings the country of scarce foreign currency, may be required to pay for transportation of electricity.

Discussion of this initiative is the National energy Commission for almost a week. Who among us can suffer from this decision and why – I know our reporters.

Ukraine is one of the few countries who can sell energy abroad. Light comes to Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. And while it is cheaper than the European, his ready to buy in the West. But the Ukrainian electricity can rise. The national Commission regulating energy, makes you pay extra for transportation kilowatts abroad.

“The Commission from the beginning of the new market said that the exporters have to pay the transfer all. Exporters some paid, some not paid because said, need the code to make and correct the code – what we are doing now,” says the head of NTRAK Valery Tarasyuk.

Energoexpert, MPs, exporters. Week 2 meetings, hours of discussions. Almost all agree will be an additional fee – nothing Ukrainian energy won’t sell.

“If earlier, until 1 July 2019 Ukraine had absolute advantage, competitive advantages in the export of its electricity, now, sorry. His has nowhere to go and we buy someone else. Since October of last year in our wires, Russian kilowatts,” – said the President of the TOS, “the First Energeticheskaya Association of Ukraine” Vasyl Kotko.

“Ukraine has bought more than billion kilowatt-hours of Russian electricity and more than 3 million tons of coal. This despite the fact that we have warehouses of their million tons, that will can not sell. This idiotic policy, when, instead of having to buy Ukrainian electricity, the Ukrainian coal – we buy imported Russian enemy,” – said the leader of “Radical party” Oleg Lyashko.

Now we buy in Russia as much as they sell themselves abroad, – experts say. Cents for every kilowatt – hundreds of millions of Euro in the General flow of energy. If additional fees will kill profits, the exporters will not be able to sell the light. The Ukrainian energy sector will have less work, and the state budget revenues, particularly in foreign currency.

“Miners and miners’ leaders are starving in connection with wage arrears. There is an imbalance in the energy sector and stopping the mine, the coal not delivered,” – said the MP of Ukraine, member of Verkhovna Rada Committee on issues of energy and housing and utilities Mikhail Volynets.

Is there an additional charge for network use 9 of decision no. The last words from the power of the national Commission and the Antimonopoly Committee waiting for energy, who hope that their views will be taken into account. His word in the discussion said the European energy and society – there are against additional fees.