Ukrainian farmers were given free access to satellite monitoring of the fields

Украинским фермерам дали бесплатный доступ к спутниковому мониторингу полей

Ukrainian-American company EOS Data Analytics for the quarantine period has opened free access to the platform for satellite monitoring of field EOS Crop Monitoring, so that farmers have more opportunities to stay home.

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Platform for satellite monitoring of field – a “cloud” service, which uses satellite images to monitor crops. It provides farmers with important information about their condition.

“EOS Crop Monitoring allows you to make rational, data supported decisions in agriculture. Technology platform notifies users about changes in vegetation that warns of a sudden change in the weather, automatiseret setting priorities. Thanks to satellite data for the state field, you can literally watch from home, reducing the need to interact with people is very important during the quarantine,” explained the company.

Indicates that access to the platform became free. This is done in order to support farmers during a pandemic. The offer is valid till 30 APR 2020.

To use it, you need to register on the platform and receive an email with instructions for free access.

“Doctors are now fighting for our today, while farmers are working for tomorrow. It is hardly possible to imagine a world where agriculture just stopped working. So we want to help those who do not stop working even in the current situation”, – noted the Director of business development, EOS Crop Monitoring Alexander Sacal.

He added that since the launch of this proposition, it showed the interest of many farmers from different countries.

For reference: EOS Data Analytics is an international company that offers cloud-based analytic solutions and services based on satellite and geospatial data. Among the company’s partners – leading providers of satellite data, which receive information from the projects Landsat, MODIS and Sentinel.