Ukrainian fatally injured at the factory in Poland: it went into the machine

Украинец смертельно травмировался на фабрике в Польше: его затянуло в механизм

Near the Polish Wroclaw in the LG factory that produces batteries for electric vehicles, seriously injured 28-year-old Ukrainian. Subsequently, as a result of his injuries the man died at the hospital.

According to local newspaper Gazeta Wroclawska, the incident happened on Saturday, August 17, on factory production lines.

Ukrainians went into the machine, with the result that he received a serious spinal injury. The publication writes that the car gripped the chest of a man and damaged his collarbone. In addition, the chain around his neck to pinch the throat.

In the hospital, 28-year-old factory worker was taken in serious condition. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to save his life.

Deputy district inspector for issues of labour in wrocław Andrzej Pogorski told that upon the death of a Ukrainian now there is a consequence.

This case also became interested in the Prosecutor’s office. Note that on a place of tragedy at once Prosecutor is not caused, as in Poland, it occurs only in the case of accidents with instant fatal consequences. And here Ukrainians died in the hospital. Will add that the presentation of the Wroclaw Prosecutor’s office conducted an autopsy of his body.

This is not the first time when Ukrainians are dying on earnings in Poland. In particular, in early August in the town of Pohorska Will killed 37-year-old citizen of Ukraine, who worked on the construction of a new pipeline. His death was the result of a 10-ton pipe broke out of the fuse and fell into the ditch, which actually was Ukrainian.


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Over the last 5 years the number of Ukrainians who moved to Poland increased by 5 times. By the way, in the first quarter of 2019 Poland provided 186,5 thousand citizens of Ukraine residence permit. In addition, recent data in Poland now employs 1.5 million Ukrainians – this figure also includes those working illegally. Interestingly, there our people in month can earn at least 800-900 euros.