Ukrainian film Director made a film about a girl who goes crazy during the quarantine

Украинский режиссер снял фильм о девушке, которая сходит с ума во время карантина

Main: Director Max Balter directed a short film “Together”. The plot – the story is about a girl who goes crazy during a forced quarantine.

Details: New film by Ukrainian Director and co-author of the idea max Balter “Together” talks about a girl who is in forced isolation always think that in the apartment there is someone else. The main role is played Marusya Ionova, actress social a rave band TseSho.

On the tape was a team of 8 people. The shooting took place in a safe environment and lasted 16 hours, and the filming location was the apartment of the Director.

“This is a story about our psychological unpreparedness to the quarantine. She’s dear to me and many of my friends, so I wanted her to tell me the language which I speak best. The script is written by Bogdan Solomakha. When I read it, I immediately realized that I know how to shoot this film within the constraints of the conditions and the budget”, says Balter.

According to the Director: “the Quarantine has become a challenge for many people in the industry, because we have lost the ability to work normally. I had days when I did not want to do anything, so the film became a lifesaver for me. Create movie own interesting and difficult, because you have to perform multiple roles on the court. For example, I was the Director, producer, rewrote the script during a rehearsal, performing the work of casting Director and stylist, but lighting and props in the apartment during the shooting”.

The film “Together” was the second directorial kinorabotoy max Balter. In 2018, his short film about bullying “Riposte” made the finals in the category “Best Visual Effects” one of the largest festivals in the world short film My RØDE Reel.

TOGETHER: Short Film from Max Balter on Vimeo.

Talking about future plans, Max Balter said: “I am already planning a few shots of the short films this year. I really want to see the Ukrainian independent cinema has evolved. And I will be a part of this process.”

As a Director of Max Balter often advertising shoots. Among his production work has a lot of clips-one million.

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