Ukrainian food for the future, which you can try today

Украинская еда будущего, которую можно попробовать уже сегодня

Vegetable milk and meat, sweets without sugar and chips from unusual raw materials – alternative food products today can be found in almost any store in the country, and many of them are produced in Ukraine. How to change the tastes of Ukrainians, why vegan products are much more expensive traditional, a lot of prospects from the producers of “food of the future” in our country?

Today vegetable “milk” and “meat” are becoming increasingly popular in the Ukrainian and world markets. This is due to the proliferation of ideas of healthy lifestyle, vegetarianism and animal rights. In addition, a growing number of Ukrainians suffering from lactose intolerance, for them yogurt and cottage cheese plant-based can be a full substitute for traditional dairy products.

In Ukrainian shops, you can see over a dozen different brands of soy, coconut, almond, buckwheat and other “milk”. Most of them are of foreign origin, but there are Ukrainian goods.

For example, in 2018, the plant line under the brand “Ideal of Namoroka” presented dairy holding “Lustdorf”. And earlier this year the Ukrainian market with the product Vega Milk has left the company “Vitmark-Ukraine”.

According to its President Vitaly Vinitsky, the reason for the success of alternative products on the Ukrainian market lies in changing our way of life: Ukrainians seek to reduce harm to the environment and to diversify the daily diet new useful products.

“Opening direction alternative milk, we launched sverhtermicheskoy startup FoodTech innovation that combines technology and science,” said Vinitsky.

Despite the fact that this “tech” the milk in two, and sometimes three times more expensive than cow – it all depends on the kind of grains or nuts, which is followed by a drink – Ukrainian manufacturers of products have a stable demand. Not only in supermarkets – alternative “milk” purchasing numerous coffee shops and restaurants vegan food.

According to analysts of the consulting company Pro-Consulting in the domestic market from domestic “namoroka” a key advantage is lower price in comparison with foreign analogues, due to lower transport costs and cheaper labor.

According to expert estimates, over the past five years, the volume of sales of plant milk in the world has increased by more than 60 percent, whereas the implementation of cow’s milk decreased by 15 percent.

Meat from cows

At the end of winter in Ukraine has gone well-known American manufacturer of vegetable meat Beyond Meat. In the trade networks began to be sold reminiscent of a beef Burger cutlets with peas – nearly 300 hryvnia for a pack of two pieces.

Technology of meat plant-based, much harder and more expensive than manufacturing the same vegan milk, but in our country there are decent and cheaper alternatives.

Made “meat” from soy and seitan (wheat protein) – some Ukrainian companies – Vegetus, Vegi Land Healthy and Wealthy, but the range varies from exotic Oriental dishes to homemade ravioli and familiar to all “Cervelat”.

The price of such pleasure varies from 60 to 150 hryvnia per serving weighing a pound, and the cost is not so much the high cost of making “meat” as a creative serving food and short shelf life.

While these Ukrainian startups focus on small, but dedicated audience, and do not go on the mass market, preferring to sell products in specialized stores or online.

A few times a week a student from Kiev Alena tries to eat only vegetarian food, considering that it helps to maintain correct body shape and overall health.

“I am of flexitarians: do not abandon the animal protein completely, but try to eat it as rarely as possible. Therefore, regularly serves of soy tofu or seitan with vegetables, which are nutritionally not inferior to meat stews. And coffee, herbal product, together with a nut or oat milk. I don’t have any neperenosimosti or allergies to milk or meat, but I believe vegetarian food is more humane. And at least, I’m curious to try new products”, – said our interlocutor.

According to the head of the Ukrainian community of producers and consumers of beans Antonina Sklyarenko, meat plant-based has all chances to become an everyday staple food, because the consumption of plant foods in Ukraine, as elsewhere in the world increases.

“This is especially true of dishes based on legumes – chickpeas, peas and lentils. This is understandable – because the peas are much cheaper in price than meat,” – said the expert.

Of course, in the coming decades vegetable cutlets will not replace Ukrainians pork or beef, but have every chance to make our daily diet.

Every year Ukraine increases the acreage under soybean, most of the crop is exported to the United States and China in the form of raw materials, not finished products. Is this not a chance for such a large agrarian country like ours, to find its niche in the world market of products from vegetable protein?

Leave room for dessert

From the diversity of alternative food production in our country is most developed confectionery. Cakes without sugar, chocolate, honey and candies made of dried fruit can be found in every Ukrainian city for every taste and budget.

Interestingly, the import of natural confectionaries in our stores meets only a small percentage is partly due to the high cost and partly due to low shelf life of two to three months.

Demand is affordable and available brands of fruit jelly like a “Bob the Snail”, which can be found in almost any store and even a pharmacy of 16 hryvnia per package, and handmade sweets from supermarkets Deluxe format.

UNIAN asked one of the producers, what is the price of 400 UAH for a small box of chocolates, discovered in one of the capital’s supermarkets.

“It is as though banal sounded, we use high quality, and therefore expensive nuts, dried fruits and groceries. The price is taken into account and the fact that our candy is handmade, and their production requires adherence to strict sanitary regulations, and special precision, because you need to weigh every ingredient to the milligram. Yes, there are many customers willing to buy at that price, but they will be fully confident in the quality of the food,” said the pastry chef of the brand Yaro Anastasia.

But the Ukrainian market of snack products were able to change the “Fujitsu of Fusepod”, which replaced the fried potatoes came from dried flax seeds with herbs and vegetables.

This is one of the few Ukrainian producers of alternative healthy snacking which manufactures the products at its own patented technology.

“We created a product without parallel, and with him entered the market. “Fujitsu” made from flax seeds, they also pumpkin, tomato paste, pepper, salt. All of our equipment and raw materials of Ukrainian origin”, – says the Director of the company Sergey sacola.

According to the organization Good Food Institute, the global market for alternative products is estimated at five billion dollars a year. 2018 food plant-based grew annually by almost 30 percent, displacing the traditional meat and milk.

The agricultural potential of Ukraine allows her to take his place on the still emerging market of “food of the future”. But the key in this business are expensive technologies to produce sufficient goods for export to Europe, Asia and the United States, which are not affordable to most farmers.

Yet the profile Ministry does not pay attention to this industry, which is perceived as an idea for a small startup or an addition to an existing meat and dairy business.

I want to believe that the production of alternative food will not become another global trend, which Ukraine miss having all the cards in the hands.

Anna Nagornaya

Украинская еда будущего, которую можно попробовать уже сегодня

Украинская еда будущего, которую можно попробовать уже сегодня

Украинская еда будущего, которую можно попробовать уже сегодня