Ukrainian football club may unexpectedly terminate their performances

Украинский футбольный клуб неожиданно может прекратить свои выступления

Acting President of Vinnytsia “Niva”, which acts in the Second League, Vadim Kudiyarov told about the incident with the attack of the fans on the referee after the match with the “poles”.

After the match, which ended with the score 2:1 in favor of “Polesie”, fans of “field” ran on the pitch to beat the referee of the match Denis Reznikov.

Acting President “Fields” Vadim Kudiyarov does not share the actions of individual fans who ran onto the field after the match. However, noted the unfair arbitrator.

I, like many others in our club, this night did not sleep at all. I do not support the barbarism that occurred after the game, but can not object to people who emotions began rioting. Don’t know how to look into the eyes of the residents after this judging. Don’t understand why all this then? How to deal with this “murder whistle”?

The judge, out on the field after the break, just a “severed head” command. Put the penalty that never was, and whistled in one direction only. The fans all saw. The degree of discontent in the stands grew. It is not surprising that in the end,
– quotes Vadim Kudiyarov SportArena.

In addition, the acting President of “Niva” said that the club can play in the Second League. The decision will be made after a meeting with management.

You know, we’ll have a meeting with the leadership and will to make a decision. Ready to remove “Field” from the tournament. Why look for these funds to invest in children’s football, to collect every penny on football, if so the whole season can be crossed? Why are we doing this? Someone then bought for 100 hryvnia judge, and scoffed at us?

In this case, we are not ready to participate in the development of professional football in Vinnytsia region. It’s not a sport, but some kind of “financial pyramid”! I support other types, it is better to focus purely on them, there is more fun and less of such dirt. Where have you seen this in the world?!

How judges are appointed? What grades are they getting? Here come the referee and very well sued. If the police five minutes later it worked, he wouldn’t have whistled. And even to us, and all charges, a lot of detainees, the manual asks: “What do you have there, what kind of “turmoil” in the whole country?” So now we are going to get together and decide how to live. Vinnytsia “Niva” may terminate participation in the second League, although the game was a step away from the first
the official said.

For two rounds to finish Second in the League “Niva” ranks fourth with 41 points in the asset. Vinnitsa club retains a mathematical chance to qualify for the First League.

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