Ukrainian football is on the brink of disaster: a journalist about the fate of the clubs after the quarantine

Famous sports journalist and presenter of the program “Profootball” Igor Tsiganyk shared his opinion about the fate of Ukrainian clubs after quarantine. The journalist believes that football in Ukraine is on the brink of disaster.

Says Ciganik, football was a social project, but now people are forced to invest in medicine, to combat coronavirus. Ukrainian clubs are trying to help and invest the free money in order to create normal conditions for life. The country is now stopped, to make the business very difficult.

At this stage the Ukrainian football on the verge of disaster,
the journalist said on air “Cyganik LIVE”.

Igor Tsiganyk also answered the question about the existence of our clubs before the end of the season.

“It’s very hard to predict. The presidents of the clubs while on break. While missing some “fat” and you can find stocks. But if the situation will last long, they will think about what to do next,” said Ciganik.

Igor Tsiganyk said that UEFA and FIFA should come to the fore and become an intermediary between clubs, players and advertisers to keep the football. Economically, the owners of the clubs will not be able to pull social burden called football.

Presenter of the program “Profootball” expressed his opinion about the fate of Andrei Yarmolenko.

“He’s quite a serious contract. He Yarmolenko now at this age I can give a couple good seasons in the major European club. It is possible that he will return to Dynamo, but not now,” said the journalist.

We add that as of this morning, March 28, in Ukraine, the coronavirus has claimed the lives of 8 people. Total in Ukraine recorded 311 cases of coronavirus infection.

Украинский футбол на грани катастрофы: журналист о судьбе клубов после карантина

Украинский футбол на грани катастрофы: журналист о судьбе клубов после карантина

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