Ukrainian football player was in the top team of free agents

Украинский футболист попал в топ-сборную свободных агентов

The transfer market officially closed. Therefore, clubs can no longer buy or sell players to pay their rent. Exception free agents. Transfermarkt made team of the players left without a club after the transfer window closed.

Among the players who were without a team, there are those who in his time won the Championships of England, Spain, Italy and France, as well as the Champions League. Found among them and Ukrainian football player. We are talking about Yevhen Khacheridi, who in the summer left the Greek PAOK. The defender has not found a new team. So at the moment Eugene without match practice and took place in the centre of the defence team’s top players without a club. However, he is the cheapest player of this odinnadcati – 1.75 million euros.

As for the other players, it is worth noting there Hatim Ben Arfa. Left midfielder at the time was actively interested in the Dynamo. In General, the cost of this team is 42,55 million euros.

Украинский футболист попал в топ-сборную свободных агентов

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