Ukrainian gamers have won an international tournament and received a great prize – 24 Channel

Українські геймери виграли міжнародний турнір та отримали чималий приз  - 24 Канал

Ukrainian team Natus Vincere gamers won at the international tournament in 2018 ESL One Cologne Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

This was announced on the official website of the team.

It is also known that for winning team members will receive 125 thousand dollars.

In the final, the Ukrainians agreed with the German BIG gamers. Our team was stronger.

“In this meeting, the Ukrainians have demonstrated a well-coordinated team play, defeated the German team with the score 3: 1 and won the title of ESL One Cologne”, — stated in the message.

The finals were held in Germany at “LANXESS Arena”.

Who are Natus Vincere? This Ukrainian team eSports, the most successful sports club in Ukraine. In Latin, the team name translates as “born to win”.

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