Ukrainian hockey player blatantly pushed the referee during the match, for which he received a suspension: video

Украинский хоккеист нагло толкнул арбитра во время матча, за что получил дисквалификацию: видео

The captain of the “White Bars” Evgeny Timchenko will not play in home games with “Donbass” – the hockey player was disqualified for a brawl with the referee.

During the match between “Donbass” and “White Bars” March 14, Evgeniy Timchenko in one of the attacks brazenly pushed the referee, who was in his way near the rim.

Video of the brawl of a hockey player and referee during a match

For this act the Directorate of UHL decided to disqualify the player for two matches. Thus, Evgeniy Timchenko will not be able to help his team in home matches of the semifinals of the playoffs against the “Donbass”. The game will take place on 17 and 19 March at 17:00 and 18:45 respectively. While in the series ahead of “Donbass” 2:0.