Ukrainian it specialists have earned for the year of about $5 billion – the media

Украинские айтишники заработали за год около $5 млрд - СМИ

The Ukrainian market of outsourcing programming for 2019 is $4.5-5 billion this was stated by Vice-President EPAM responsible for the company’s activities in Central and Eastern Europe Yuriy Antoniuk, reports UBR.

According to him, the national Bank of Ukraine was verified by the industry’s revenue for the first half of 2019 at $1.94 billion, and in the second half of the year the income is usually more more, said the head of the largest in the country in the number of developers IT company (about 8.3 million employees).

“I’m sure there will be more than $4.5 billion, maybe up to $5 billion,” said Antoniuk.

Today, according to him, the number of programmers in Ukraine “already reaches 200 thousand.” According to government data, about 160 thousand of the Ukrainians at the end of 2019, he worked in IT as PE (physical persons-entrepreneurs 58 – 60 thousand are full-time employees of the Ukrainian software companies.

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“The industry has progressed very well this year,” said Vice-President of EPAM.

He added that the Cabinet has announced its intention to simplify the entry, stay and employment of foreign IT specialists. Roughly this opportunity will receive up to 5 thousand foreign it specialists graduate.

As previously reported, during the year, salaries of Ukrainian programmers and IT specialists, who are paid in foreign currency in recalculation on the hryvnia fell by 12%. Experts attribute this decline to the strengthening of the national currency.

Today the average salary of a programmer in Ukraine is about $2 million.