Ukrainian Jews are shocked by the actions of the Kiev authorities

Украинские евреи шокированы выходкой киевских властей

In Kiev, on the facade of the building where the news Agency “UKRINFORM” was solemnly opened a memorial plaque in honor of the ideologist of Ukrainian integral nationalism of Dmytro Dontsov.

The participants of the event, the correspondent “Politnavigator”, recalled that from may to November 1918, the don held the position of head of the Ukrainian state Telegraph Agency, whose successor he considers himself a “UKRINFORM”.

“This fantastic man has many forms: thinker, philosopher, historian, publicist. But among them was another role in the history of Ukrainian state – he was the leader of the first information of the state Agency at the times of Hetman Skoropadsky. Therefore, this label appears on the front of the house where today is the historical heir to the UTA – “UKRINFORM”, – said the General Director of Agency Alexander Kharchenko.

Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian national memory Institute Vladimir Telemac regrets that today Dontsova do not know very well.

“So the appearance of this memorial plaque is not only a celebration of his personality, but first and foremost to remind us of his legacy that is extremely relevant today,” – said Telemac.

Verkhovna Rada Deputy, member of “Svoboda” Andriy Ilyenko said that figures such as Dmytro Dontsov shape culture and nation.

“He was not only a theorist but a practitioner, because when it came time for hands-on activities for the benefit of Ukraine, Dontsov left the party and headed an important institution and tried to organize the Ukrainian information policy. And this contributed to the development of Ukrainian statehood,” said Ilyenko.

At the same time, the Ukrainian Jewish community reacted negatively to chestvovanie Dontsova.

“Today in Kiev opened a memorial plaque to the anti-Semitic ghoul, the ideologist of the OUN and Nazi collaborator Dmitry Dontsova. “The Jews castrated the soul of the people, bringing books and Newspapers “Jewish, cosmopolitan spirit”, humiliating and ridiculing national pride, patriotism, heroic art,” wrote don. The work series has helped fuel hatred of Jews, Russian, poles that led to the death of millions of innocent people”, – wrote in Facebook the head of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky.

Украинские евреи шокированы выходкой киевских властей

Украинские евреи шокированы выходкой киевских властей