Ukrainian Kardashian epic fell out of my chair

Украинская Кардашьян эпично свалилась с кресла

Popular Kiev model Alena Omovich, which is collected in your Instagram million viewers, which the network dubbed the “Ukrainian Kardashian”, loves to shock the audience with bright antics.

Girl loves to be naked on camera, and never misses an opportunity to do it, and she is keen on plastic surgery. This time the beauty is put on display to the public the results of a new photo shoot and his epic fall.

As can be seen in the first photo of Alena erotic posing in the fancy chair in front of a fantastic sea view. Her sexy black lingerie that emphasizes a perfect body. In the second picture, the model’s pose is no less sexy, she is also posing nicely, but in the third photo, the girl epic falls from the chair, put his feet up.

In the signature for publication, the Omovich wrote: “I think this series of photos can be called Up to buwalasi. And how would you call it?”. Followers have not passed and began to actively discuss the new publication of the star, commenting on her figure and not only.

Украинская Кардашьян эпично свалилась с кресла