Ukrainian kickboxer demanded Lomachenko explanation for the video with the special forces of the Russian Federation

Ukrainian kickboxing world champion Pavel Zhuravlev requires Vasyl Lomachenko to explain its position because of the scandalous video with Russian special forces.

About it Zhuravlev said on its YouTube channel.

On the basis of one roller, the origin of which is unclear, to make premature conclusions I would not. My personal opinion – Basil was more interested in text and not watched the video until the end. And this inscription: “Thank you gentle men,” we in Ukraine for the last 6 years know who these “polite people”, he just did not see.

The tricolor on the form of military could not see. But the best option is to review Basil himself about how he refers to the “polite people”, and whether to tell them thank you. Would like to see a straightforward explanation of Basil, not in verse. To those who worried, ceased to worry, and those who rejoice, – ceased or continued to rejoice,
– said Zhuravlev.

We will remind, on the official page Vasyl Lomachenko in instagram video appeared
on religious and military topics. On the frame there is the special forces of Russia, and in the end the author of the video thanks the “polite people”. The so-called Russian military without insignia who have seized Ukrainian facilities in Crimea and carried out the annexation of the Peninsula. Because of this a boxer poured a barrage of criticism. Subsequently, Lomachenko responded to the criticism and read a poem.