Ukrainian men’s team failed relay at the biathlon world Championships, defeated Norway

Мужская сборная Украины провалила эстафету на чемпионате мира по биатлону, победила Норвегия

In the Swedish city of östersund on the world biathlon championship was held a competition among men’s teams.

The victory in a tight race rather expected the conquered Norway with the brothers of be. For the second and third place were fighting France and Germany, but on the final shooting more apt was the German athletes, who became the silver world Champions. Martin Fourcade has summed up the French team and allowed Russia to take third place. Ukraine finished in 12th place, showing a pretty good shooting.

The Ukrainian team in the relay race was presented by Artem prima, Sergei Semenov, Artem Tishchenko and Ruslan Tkalenko.

Started the race a Brendan, who has spent only 1 extra cartridge on firing and passed the baton to 11-m with backlog from the leader in 16 seconds. Sergey Semenov on the verge of a penalty loop, with four spare rounds lowered the Ukraine national team as much as 17 place.

Tishchenko Artem took the baton behind the leader by almost 2 minutes, which effectively meant a failure in this race. However, Artem was able to “zero” to carry out all the shooting range and to raise Ukraine at the 1 position.

At the final stage, the national team of Ukraine was represented by Ruslan Tkalenko. Our finisher took only 2 spares. In the end, the Ukrainians finished in 12th position behind the leader in more than 3 minutes.

Informed Sport 24 wrote that the female national team of Ukraine won the bronze medal at the biathlon world Championships in the relay.

1. Norway (0+6) 1:12:03,7
2. Germany (0+8) +38,7
3. Russia (0+7) +1:04,7

10. Ukraine (0+6) +3:08,7

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