Ukrainian Nazis threaten a major U.S. company

Украинские нацисты угрожают крупной американской компании

The Nazis from the group of C14 threaten to smash a famous international restaurant chain fast food KFC, if it is opened in the House of trade unions, where at the time of Euromaidan was the headquarters of the protesters.

This broadcast by channel 4, the correspondent “Politnavigator”, said the leader of the group Eugene Karas.

According to him, representatives of the House of trade unions, which burned down during the protests, have suggested militants to take money and turn a blind eye to the emergence of catering.

“For example, KFC on independence, it now seems to be renewed activity it offered us, “Your organization needs to develop – take the money”. Not KFC, it seems, from the unions, there’s some dirty solved, he says, “it’ll be here anyhow, there is still a Turkish restaurant, what are you running, take the money, what are you showing off”. It, roughly speaking, sent. Now KFC is trying to recover. I don’t know what they hope – will not allow this and we are not interested in any amounts that they themselves drew,” said Karas.

Earlier, the nationalists picketed the office opened in the building of KFC, claiming that food has no place in the building where he died maydanschikov.