Ukrainian opens the “cervasi” farms around the world, from Portugal to Uzbekistan. And even in Nikolaev too (VIDEO)

Украинец открывает "червячьи" фермы по всему миру, от Португалии до Узбекистана. И даже в Николаеве тоже (ВИДЕО)

Worms – creatures, which we do not pay special attention. And they don’t just make the soil more fertile, but also treat it.

The healing properties of hearts knows firsthand the Ukrainian technologist Mikhail Bondarenko. More than 13 years, he explores the life of worms and influence on the ground of vermicompost that they produce, says seeds.

Vermicompost is an organic fertilizer produced by the worm. It contains biota that positively affects all types of plants, the root system, gives a good immune start for your plants.

Experts say that the soil is like a sponge, it contains nutrients, micro and macro. When farmers use, for example, the nitrate, this “sponge” is destroyed: all of the nutrients go.

Mikhail Bondarenko founded vermifera, which today is the largest in Ukraine. Manufacturing and farming masses of biocera to create vermicompost, vermicompost.

“We use cow and horse manure in the ratio of 50% to 50%. With the help of special equipment, mix it into a homogeneous mass, stabilize the Ph and run the red Californian worm, who all overeat,” – said the farmer.

Cravings for these types of studies Mikhail Bondarenko was instilled by his grandfather, one of the first local developers of technologies for the production of worm biomass and liquid humic fertilizer.

In 2013, when it earned the first money, the technologist realized that it is very profitable. Since its production is only expanding.

First vermifera in 2014 year, Bondarenko has launched in Khmelnytsky. Then the same appeared in Poltava, Sumy, Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv, Odessa. In the foreseeable future technologist is planning to expand the market in the EU and Asia. In addition to exports of products manufactured on the farm, Mikhail Bondarenko successfully embodies its technology around the world.

“In 2018, we launched the first vermifera abroad in Uzbekistan. One of my clips I saw on YouTube the farmer Taher ake. He contacted me, arrived and purchased our products: vermicompost dry and liquid HUMATE from humus,- said the technologist. After two months received an offer under the key to run the plant for the production of liquid humic fertilizers and, accordingly, vermifera.

The plant we started with vermiformis in 9 days. Except Uzbekistan, have also opened vermifera in Portugal and Italy. We are currently developing a very large project for the production of dry and liquid fertilizers, granular, different mixtures and types of humates to the soil. It is purely organic, environmental project, which we hope will also attract the attention of investors.”