Ukrainian pharmacies will cease to trade with the most necessary: “to impose a hard ban”

Украинские аптеки перестанут торговать самым необходимым: "вводится жесткий запрет"

Very soon the people of Ukraine could lose access to a huge list of pharmaceutical goods

Officials are preparing for Ukrainians a new bill which may prohibit sale in pharmacies throughout the country. About novelties said the press service of pharmacy professional Association of Ukraine.

The government proposed Parliament amendments to the law “On medicines”. They are designed to ensure economic competition and protect the rights of patients in the implementation of the retail trade in medicinal products. According to the proposal, the Ukrainian pharmacies may not sell necessities that are not drugs.

We are talking about such important commodities like cotton wool, plasters, syringes, infusions, sterile gloves, and everything that is not medicine. It is likely that the Ukrainians will not be able to get in drugstores items that are needed for dressings and other medical procedures. If you don’t have the doctors, patients have to search for products in specialized outlets.

The new amendments also introduced a strict ban on dietary supplements, diapers, baby food and even cosmetics. All of this Ukrainians have been accustomed to find in drugstores, and now you can lose. In a professional Association noted that now the number of such products is about 30% of the range. How strictly will be punished for pharmacies is still unknown.

In addition, the changes provide a significant reduction pharmacy chains. It is assumed that individual businesses will allow you to only hold one of a pharmaceutical point in one area. For companies, the limit will increase to four. Enterprises that manufacture the medicines within the one region can open from eight pharmacies. The firm should have three founders, not associated with other pharmaceutical companies.

MPs propose to introduce stringent requirements for those who decided to open his own pharmacy. The entrepreneur must have a master’s degree in the specialty “pharmacy”. But to sell drugs, only pharmacists with special education.

According to the authors, the amendments to the law “On medicinal products” should help the Ukrainians. Restrictions can cut the appetite of pharmacies, which enjoy a dominant position in the market and impose their own conditions. Reducing the monopoly, deputies plan to cut prices on a number of drug products. In addition, they propose to introduce the sale of drugs strictly on prescription of the attending physicians.

Украинские аптеки перестанут торговать самым необходимым: "вводится жесткий запрет"

Украинские аптеки перестанут торговать самым необходимым: "вводится жесткий запрет"