Ukrainian Picasso

Украинский Пикассо

21 Jul 1882-born David Burliuk, a poet, painter, one of the founders of futurism, art theorist, literary and art critic, publisher.

Burliuk was born on a farm Semirotovschina Kharkov province (now the Sumy region).

Studied in Kazan, Odessa, Munich, Paris and Moscow.

Burliuk visited in Kiev.

It was in Kiev in December 1911, the Kiev artist Alexander Exter was introduced to David Burliuk in Kiev with the futurist poet Benedict Livshits, in the future, they become great friends.

In 1914, David Burliuk together with Mayakovsky committed in Kiev, the performance with a Grand piano, worthy of later drawings of Salvador Dali. Before the audience of the municipal theater instead of the expected “evenings of recetarse” stood by the piano, hung up by the feet above the stage. “The piano is hanging because I will not play”, – the overlapping shouts of the hall, loudly said Mayakovsky.

After the revolution, he emigrated to the United States. Died in 1967 in HAMPTON baze, the island of long island, new York. His body was cremated according to his will and the ashes scattered relatives over the waters of the Atlantic on Board the ferry.

In Brooklyn (NY, USA) the Museum of David Burliuk.

Украинский Пикассо

Украинский Пикассо

Украинский Пикассо