Ukrainian pickups Bogdan-2351 already using the KFOR in Kosovo

Украинские пикапы Богдан-2351 уже используют силы KFOR в Косово

Ukrainian army pickups Bogdan-2351, which produces Cherkassy plant DP ASZ No. 2 “Bogdan motors” was seen during the exercise of the peacekeeping contingent of KFOR in Kosovo.

It turned out that Bogdan-2351 appeared at the 25th rotation of the Ukrainian national contingent of KFOR and was used during the joint exercises with servicemen Hungary.

Commander pickup Bogdan-2351 was developed on the chassis of four-wheel drive vehicle Great Wall Winglе 5 doublecab. The army units APU it comes to replace the Russian UAZ-469 and UAZ-31512.

Army jeep has a length of 5126 mm, width 1800 mm, height 2280 mm. Diesel power unit Bogdan 2351 has a volume of 2,0 l, capacity of 105 kW (143 HP) with maximum torque of 310 Nm / 1800 Rev / min, combined with a manual 6-speed??CAT. Feature a special military “commander” of the car is the ground clearance of 200 mm and the ability to lock the center differential, which increases through-quality vehicle in off-road conditions.