Ukrainian politicians have condemned Bragar for an incorrect answer to the pensioner

The people’s Deputy from the Servants of the people Eugene Bragar in the air channel 112 to the question of the pensioner as to pay for utilities said that it is possible to sell a dog breed of the elite, and for the proceeds to pay for heating.

Later the politician apologized for his response, but his party members and former MPs strongly condemned such statements and called it unacceptable.

The party Bargara geo Leros critically embraced this position and rather briefly expressed his opinion.

Former Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin believes that such statements by politicians should be excluded from the lists of the party because of the cynicism should be the limit.

Deputy head of the servant of the people Yevheniya Kravchuk apologized for the actions of a colleague and said from participation in the talk show is not one member died.

MP from the party of Evropeiska solidarity Irina Gerashchenko noted that on the front like dogs, because four-legged friends should not sell.

The wife of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kuleba wrote that in support of all dogs elite breeds of the country are unable not to post their favorite videos favorite Gustav.

And even though, as he sometimes is, I will not sell him because he is family, wrote Eugene Kuleba.

The people’s Deputy from opzz Ilya Kiva declared that found Love Pavlovna (the pensioner who called in the Studio) and is going to come back to her house.

MP from the party the Voice of Yaroslav Zheleznyak posted an ironic post on this topic.

By the way, Deputy head of the faction servant of the people Yevheniya Kravchuk said that the leadership of the faction did not support the position of Eugene Bragar regarding the payment of utilities retirees.

She apologized for the Deputy called saying Bragar absolutely incorrect.

Such a “Council” angered Ukrainians, therefore, in social networks there are many memes on the subject.