Ukrainian project “eternal” Notepad investors was estimated at $ 1 million

Украинский проект "вечного" блокнота инвесторы оценили в $ 1 млн

Ukrainian startup Nuka within attracting investment was valued at $ 1 million

UK the project was estimated at $ 1 million within seed round of investment.

The founder of the project Ekaterina Mihalka has not named the exact amount of borrowed funds, saying only that investors will get at this stage, about 6% of the share capital of the project.

“The money will be invested in a marketing program to promote the project on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, she said. – To develop a mobile application that will allow you to store information from the notebook”.

Note that the project is developing a Nuka eternal pencil and Notepad.

The notebook is made of synthetic paper and plastic. It is waterproof. To write in Notepad you can handle.

Eternal pencil is made of alloy of five metals. To write and draw them like a normal pencil, erased all the usual eraser.

The founders of the project of 17-year-old Ekaterina and Nikita michalko Vladykin, as well as 20-year-old Eugene Shilo.