Ukrainian referee abuse accused Stakhovsky tennis player in the games at the bookies

Украинский арбитр бранью обвинил теннисиста Стаховского в играх на букмекеров

After the defeat at the tournament in France, the Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky got in your address accusations that he loses matches for bookmakers.

Such accusations from Ukrainian arbitrator Yaroslav Zhadan. He sent them Stakhovsky in the message in Instagram. While Jaroslav Zhadan not too for words, also using profanity.

Yaroslav Zhadan is refereeing football matches. He’s 24 years old. According to the statistical database of the FFU, he umpired in 75 matches. But in professional football only two games, where he was an assistant referee. The remaining matches – at the level of Junior or Amateur leagues. Therefore, in many of his Instagram photos with the football matches.