Ukrainian Skorokhod ruthlessly beaten bloodied opponent

Украинец Скороход безжалостно избил окровавленного соперника

Украинец Скороход безжалостно избил окровавленного соперника

In Kiev on the show Sparta Boxing Promotions 31-year-old Stanislav Skorokhod (20-2, 17 KO’s) defeated 24-year-old Vladislav Tantsura (2-6, 1 KO). Because of the bloodied face of the opponent, the referee stopped the fight.

Starting with the first round it was obvious the difference in class between the fighters. Skorokhod fought first on home soil after two-year break, writes the channel 24.

The Mad Runner

The opponent could not adapt to the fast attack of the outrunner. Stanislava strikes were aimed at the head of an opponent, but tantsyura didn’t give up, keeping all the furious attacks of the opponent.

The number of hits from the outrunner was so great that Tantsyura face was completely bloody. In the fifth round of the Skorokhod managed to inflict several powerful blows on the opponent, so the referee without hesitation stopped the beating.

  • Skorokhod previous fight in Ukraine ended with the defeat of Aram Amirkhanyan in June 2018. It was the second setback in a professional career of Stanislav. Then boxer had two fights in Canada and both won. Currently, the Ukrainian has scored 20 wins (17 by knockout) and two defeats.
  • Tantsyura debut in 2018, and already in the second match failed, making it clear that to build a great career, it can be difficult. His track record consists of six defeats and two victories.

Sofia Kulai

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