Ukrainian Sofia Lisman won a silver medal at the youth Olympic games – 24 Channel

Українка Софія Лискун виборола срібну нагороду на юнацьких Олімпійських іграх - 24 Канал

Ukrainian Sofia Lisman received a silver award in the diving tower 10 meters. The award is the tenth for the Ukrainian team at the competition.

16-year-old athlete from the Luhansk region showed the result 406,10, losing to the representative of China Lin Shan (466,50), but ahead in a tense fight for second place by 0.55 points Agundez Gabriela from Mexico.

I should add that on Monday, October 15, Sofia, Liskun will compete in the final of the diving 3-meter tower.

By the way, this medal became already to the tenth for the national team of Ukraine. Now in the asset of our team four gold, three silver and three bronze. Previously a two-time champion of the youth Olympics in 2018, was a Ukrainian fencer Catherine Black and cherkaschanin Ivan Tishchenko became the champion of the YOG in an individual tournament in rowing and gymnast Nazar Chepurnoy became the champion of the YOG 2018 in the team competition in gymnastics multidisciplin.

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