Ukrainian star spoke about the crazy things that they did in his youth

Українські зірки розповіли про найбожевільніші вчинки, які вони робили у молодості

August 12 — international youth day. When young, it seems the whole world is in your hands. This is the time when, in search of new experiences and emotions, a lot of people doing small or large madness. We asked the well-known Ukrainians, as were their antics in his youth, the newspaper “Express”.

Tonya Matvienko, singer:

— At 16, I cut long hair, got a haircut almost at “zero” and dyed in red color! Of course, all this without the knowledge of the mother. Can’t even imagine what was the reaction of relatives. (Smiles). 23 — did two tattoos. One on the back — zodiac sign Aries and cherry blossoms, and another on the right leg — flower.

And at 17 became a mother. It is also somewhat crazy, which I do not regret!

Sergey Fomenko, leader of the band “Mandry”:

— I once ran away from home. Then friends took clothes, food and went to the Islands of the Dnieper. It was not a rebellious act, but rather romantic. Then I wanted new and strong impressions! After a few days we found parents and all got pretty. But then I realized that it is not afraid to experiment, and in life it helps me.

Marichka Burmaka, singer:

In school I was a troublemaker and a rebel. A good student, but get rewarded prevented discipline, because it had “two”. So I have a lot of crazy things, and here we are not talking only of escape from the lessons!

Solomia Melnyk, member of the group “Dakh Daughters”:

— When I was 19, a friend was traveling around the region. Did not have time on the train and decided to walk from Uzhgorod to Perechyn. The whole night went! On the way, got hungry, got into someone else’s garden, and stole apples. And in the middle of the night bathed in the river…

Vitaliy Kapranov, writer, publisher:

My biggest adventure in his youth? I got married in 20 years, and a year later I already had a son. (Smiles). And yet, when 30, not knowing how to steer the boat, with his brother bought a boat, named it “Temptation”, took the helm and sailed! The most crazy, even insane act, I think the burning of the manuscript of our new novel, under the walls of the Cabinet in 2004. We did it as a sign of protest against the imposition of VAT on Ukrainian book. Then we appeared on the front pages of the world media!


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