Ukrainian team failed mixed doubles at the European Championships in biathlon, won by Russia

Сборная Украины провалила микст на чемпионате Европы по биатлону, победу одержала Россия

At the European championship in biathlon was held in Minsk single-mixed. The victory was won by the Russian team, which was made by Evgeny Pavlov and Dmitry Malyshko.

The Russians won in spite of the fact that he used 9 spare rounds and ran one lap penalty.

The second place won the team of Sweden, which color protected Anna Magnusson and Jesper nelin. They with six spare rounds behind the Russians for 20 seconds. 30 seconds of Russian national team lost to France as part of the Lou Anmona Laurent and Aristide Begue third place.

Failed race the national team of Ukraine. Yulia Zhuravok and Dmitry Pidruchny showed 11-th result. The Ukrainians have used ten more rounds and ran one penalty loop.

Note that the Ukrainian biathlete Yulia Zhuravok was able to win the silver medal at the European championship. The Ukrainian successfully performed in the individual race.

Also hosted the men’s individual race. A surprise victory – the Bulgarian Krasimir Anev. The best in the race of Ukrainians was Sergey Semenov – 9-th result.

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