Ukrainian team for the second consecutive time defeated Slovakia – 24 Channel

Збірна України вдруге поспіль розгромила Словаччину - 24 Канал

Women’s national team of Ukraine on football in the second time beat Slovakia, hitting the possession of the opponent 8 times.

Ukraine – Slovakia 8:1
Goals: Mayboroda, 11, 25, Sidorenko, 16, 25 (foams.), 33, Shulga, 32, Porsuk, 34, 37, – Smatanova, 38

In a re-match with the team of Patrick beer Ukrainka began to be active from the first seconds. Until the third minute the hosts had a chance to score twice, but both times Chervov saved the possession after hitting Porsuk and Volovenko.

Midway through the first half, the rivals exchanged dangerous moments. First, gross had a chance to put the visitors in front, but in the next attack, his chance did not used Maiboroda. However, for 10 minutes, Irina, his case is not lost, giving a minimal advantage of the “yellow-blue”. Almost immediately he could score in the second match in a row Shulga, but from close range failed to beat czernikowo.

The second time our girls scored after a timeout, before a corner took Oleg Shaytanov. Dubicki found transfer Sidorenko, and Anna left no chance to the Keeper of the Slovak national team. By the end of half opportunity to score had both a Shul and Dubitskaya, and our opponent, however, the score remained unchanged.

Real holopad in this meeting began after a break. Guests have started due to the shot Kuchroo, but in the frame of the gate extremely confidently played Victoria Sahaidachny. A great time had Sidorenko, who twice shot at goal opponents, but first Chervov, and then stand rescued the visitors from scoring the third goal. However, the goal of the national team of Ukraine only watermove. On 25-th minute the score became 4:0, thanks to the implemented penalty from Sidorenko and accurate shot Maiboroda, who scored a double in this meeting.

However, this was only the beginning. Shulga, Sydorenko and Yulia Forsuch brought the score in the meeting to 8:0, that ball prestige replied Sylvia Smatanova. Therefore, 8:1 – striking the end of the calendar year for the women’s team of Ukraine.

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