Ukrainian tried to take out abroad more than 11 thousand packs of cigarettes – GFS

Украинец пытался вывезти за границу более 11 тысяч пачек сигарет - ГФС

The staff of the Transcarpathian customs office of the SFS has prevented export outside Ukraine of tobacco products more than 11 thousand packs.

The offense was committed at the customs post “Nevetlenfolu”. Tobacco products illegally moved across the border by truck, the citizen of Ukraine.

However, according to submitted to the customs control supporting documents, from the Ukraine to Romania was moving the lumber.

However, during the check customs officers together with frontier guards found 11200 packs of cigarettes brands “Compliment” without excise stamps.

Tobacco Ukrainian tried to smuggle hidden in the double bottom of the car.

As noted in the GFS, such acts shall entail imposition of penalty in amount of 100% of the cost of goods that was trying to smuggle, and the confiscation of these goods.


As previously noted, Ukraine should deal with the causes of illegal trade in tobacco products and not with its consequences.

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Exports of tobacco products in 2018 bring Ukraine 340 million dollars, which is 15.9% more than in 2017.

A significant increase in revenues is a result of an increase in the specific excise tax on tobacco products by 29.7% from 1 January 2018.

Украинец пытался вывезти за границу более 11 тысяч пачек сигарет - ГФС