Ukrainian Tsymbal in a fierce struggle is stopped in a step from medals at the world Championships

Украинец Цымбал в яростной борьбе остановился в шаге от медали на Чемпионате мира по биатлону

Ukrainian athletes successfully conducted the sprint race at the Junior world Championship in the Slovak town of Brezno-Osrblie.

The sprint race at the Junior world championship can be considered successful for the Ukrainians – Bogdan Cymbala managed to get to the flower ceremony.

The first round the leader of our Junior team had a pretty measured, but it did not help to prone without penalty. As it turned out, this mistake proved fatal for the athlete. On the second lap he accelerated, and after a clean stand literally flew to the finish line.

The final part of the race performed by Tsymbal became the second among all athletes in the race, only 0.1 seconds behind the time of leader on this indicator!.Playing one position after another by the speed, the Ukrainians managed to reach the third position at the time of its finish.

But about the first medals of the championship our team could dream only before the second fire was a Norwegian Webern the Serum. After two accurate firing lines, Scandinavian Junior and left as a leader to the distance of the last lap, to finish not only kept the first position, but also increased the advantage over the pursuers from 3 to 14 seconds.

Second finished Russian said Karimulla Khalili, and the third place of the podium was taken by another Norwegian, a former adult leader of the IBU Cup Guttorm sivert Bakken.

Good race held Ukrainian Yevhen Ivchenko, whose one mistake and finish at the end of the second ten – 18th place.

1. Webern Serum (Norway, 0+0) 25:42.9
2. Saeed Khalili (Russia, 0+0) +14.4
3. Sivert Bakken (Norway, 1+0) +36.3
4. Bogdan Tsymbal (Ukraine, 1+0) +41.9

18. Yevgeniy Ivchenko (0+1) +1:29.9
28. Ruslan Brigadier (1+1) +1:50.2
55. Sergey Telen (1+1) +2:59.7

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