Ukrainian TV channels will show the series of documentary films about APU

Украинские телеканалы покажут цикл документальных фильмов о ВСУ

On Ukrainian TV channels will show the new cycle of heroic and Patriotic documentaries on the military units of the armed forces “Military family.”

About this informed the producer of the documentary “Military families” aleksadr dries at a press conference in UKRINFORM.

“This is the first attempt to create a new image for the APU. First and foremost is the promotion of the military profession is showing of a new cultural heritage of the Ukrainian troops, which already has a very European face, not the Soviet, which was falling apart for many years. Now the army is created, it becomes powerful, and all NATO instructor present in the APU, say that she is the best in the world, as it has invaluable combat experience,” said dries.

He noted that this project is urgently needed for the APU and for the military, who are calling because they will show the youth this series of films, focusing on where to go: on a contract or military service.

“These films will have modern advertising, we practically advertised APU advertised certain labor forces. The name “Military family” has a double meaning. First of all the new brigade, the formation of APU is built on the brigade-corps the principle… and now these teams are like family to all military who have served in them, and who now serve. They have certain traditions, it will all be shown, it plays a corporate goal,” said dries.

In addition, according to him, in these films in each team show the true family, either husband and wife or couples to have children, or dynasty (father to son).

He added that the project will be shown at many Ukrainian TV channels. In particular, signed a preliminary agreement with TV 2+2, Community, channel 5, Espreso, ZIK. Dries also noted that the films will be showing in the garrison, in the District officers.

In General, the cycle of “Fighting family” consists of four 25-minute films. The completion of production on the film is scheduled for the end of October.

Cycle of films “Military family” created with the assistance of the Armed forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian cultural Fund.

Украинские телеканалы покажут цикл документальных фильмов о ВСУ