Ukrainian TV shows that are worthy of attention

Украинские сериалы, которые достойны внимания

If you’re in the mood to watch romantic TV series and you’re ready to relive the fascinating story of the many impediments to love, we have collected the most interesting Ukrainian melodrama. From forbidden love and love triangles – these shows will distract you for many hours.

Clan Jewelers

95-serial melodrama from the Director of the TV series “the Everlasting”, “the Mongrel Lala”, “Lala Beauty” brings the viewer into a dizzying world of big money, intrigue and exquisite lie. In 1983, after serving in the army, George and Boris come to the city to learn the jewelry trade. Both men fall for the same girl Elena who decides to be with George. With this event between Boris and George begins a feud that erupted with renewed force after 20 years.


The main character of the series Hope is a chemist by training, wants to create new cosmetic products. She begins to work in a big company where he meets his destiny of Igor, the man she loves as a student. But on the way to a successful career and a happy love Nadia have to go through many obstacles. The series is an adaptation of the South Korean format “Ice flower Adonis” (Adonis Ice).

Flowers rain

In eight episodes before the audience turns a touching story of true love Nina and Andrew. After the death of Nina’s father ten years have passed, and now the mother of the heroine decides to marry again. Her new chosen one is the father of a young boy named Andrew. Now Nina and Andrew are beginning to learn in one class and the girl gradually imbued with sympathy and compassion to the guy who’s still grieving for his mother.


Sasha, who grew up in an orphanage, there is a huge talent – she has an eye for cars and wants to create their own model cars. 18 years old Sasha is on the street with no money, and suddenly meets a young and promising politician Andrew. The girl will have to use all your persistence and keep optimism to get through the difficulties that suddenly burst into her life. The main role in the series is the star of “the Matchmakers” Anna Kosmal.

Do not promise

After serving 17 year sentence for the murder of a prominent Crimean politician, Lyudmila Polishchuk gets to the real hell of the war in the Donbass. Waiting for her betrayal of the native people, terrible secrets, and a long road to the world’s only native man.