“Ukrainian warehouse filled with gas, but…”. The expert explained, what’s the catch

«Украинские хранилища заполнены газом, но...». Эксперт объяснил, в чем подвох

Economic issues should be dealt with only in a pragmatic way. This is in exclusive comments the online edition Ukraine news – From-UA was told by the doctor of economic Sciences, Professor of the Mariupol state University Yuri Makogon.

According to our interlocutor, the attempts of the new leadership of Ukraine to find compromise on economic cooperation with Russia should not be viewed as an extremely positive step.

“We need a pragmatic approach to economic issues. As in previous years, the revolutionary expediency was broken a normal investment-economic approaches, we got destroyed the economy. We broke economic ties with our main buyer of technology: we have been in cooperation with Russia, but this side was closed, although Russia remains our biggest partner in foreign markets”, – said Yuriy Makogon.

“We lost the economy at least by one third, while the previous volumes and the request would be greater for the same power. The same applies to disputes about the gas. Anyone who says that we supposedly uploaded, and then will not take gas, doesn’t understand technology hatsukaichi in the transport system. Gas is supplied to the consumer, no matter how far it was in this thread, because the entire system is filled under pressure. Same thing with the grid: if we have missed in the balance of power, it can lead to collapse. This all leads to the downfall of our economy, not the Russian”, – adds the economist.