Ukrainian woman gave birth to families in the United States: when I found out about the girl’s disease, refused it

Украинка родила для семьи из США: когда узнали о болезни девочки, отказались от нее

American family can’t have children, so turned for help to a surrogate mother from Ukraine. Resettled from Donbass got pregnant with twins. During the delivery the boy died and the girl survived, but became unnecessary the parents of the United States.

The Americans gave the girl the name Bridget in the hospital the doctors it is affectionately called Brissi. She was born weighing just 870 grams, and after birth she was placed in the intensive care unit where she was connected to the ventilator. She had no reflexes in addition to breathing. About this newspaper “Express”.

In the maternity ward at first did not know that the woman they gave birth – a surrogate mother. Later the mother told me. Then in Zaporozhye arrived family from USA, they consulted with doctors.

After that, they refused to take the baby home and told the doctors so they took her off the ventilator. But in Ukraine at the legislative level it is forbidden to terminate the life of a child even if the parents want. So the doctors continued to fight for the girl’s life.

Three months later the child was transferred to the NICU. Surrogate mother a few weeks spent with the girl, but then too her left. Experts said that she can’t hear, see, eat, and move. But despite such predictions, a miracle happened.

Once the girl responded to the sound of the door, the doctors realized that she hears. The child also responded to all that she showed. So it became clear that it sees everything. Six months after the birth she began eating and gaining weight.

To three years she was in the hospital, and then she was transferred to the orphanage. Now she is 4 years and 5 months. It is staffed by speech therapists and occupational therapists reflectology.

The nurse Marina who looked after the girl in the hospital, was a volunteer at the orphanage to see Bridget. She says if a girl will continue to work with rehabilitation experts, you will be able to walk.

Now she is falling behind in their intellectual development from their same age, speaks in short sentences, but when working with professionals can be a normal kid like everyone else.

To recover, she needs to undergo the procedure every 3-4 months, which make in Truskavets. The latest cost of rehabilitation, together with the road and a food cost of 40 thousand hryvnias.

Украинка родила для семьи из США: когда узнали о болезни девочки, отказались от нее

Украинка родила для семьи из США: когда узнали о болезни девочки, отказались от нее