Ukrainian women’s team suffered their second defeat in the Eurobasket: video

Женская сборная Украины потерпела второе поражение на Евробаскете: видео

Women’s national team of Ukraine on basketball lost the second match of the group stage of the finals of the European championship.

Latvia – Ukraine 82:74 (15:14, 26:20, 17:14, 24:26)

In the confrontation with the hosts of the tournament our team lost with the score of 77:95. At the break the team went with semikova advantage of the national team. In the second half of the Ukrainians failed to catch up with rivals.

In the third quarter another three points lost. In the fourth quarter of our players have tried to turn the tide of the fight, but to no avail.

The second match in a row the most productive in the composition of our team was Alina Yagupov, who scored 28 points, and in the Latvian team was the most accurate Elina Diakoulaki, the assets of which 33 points.

30 June Ukrainka will play the last game in the group on this continental championship. Rivals will be great Britain.

Thus, after two rounds, Ukraine takes the fourth place in group A. Eurobasket-2019 last from 27 June until 7 July.

Highlights of the match Ukraine – Latvia

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