Ukrainian women’s team victory completed a performance at the world championship on basketball 3×3

Женская сборная Украины победой завершила выступление на чемпионате мира по баскетболу 3x3

Women’s team of Ukraine has lost the chance to qualify for the playoff round at the world championship in basketball 3×3. Ukrainka lost to New Zealand defeated Indonesia.

In the match of the 3rd round of the group round of the world championship, which takes place in Amsterdam, Ukrainian women lost to New Zealand with a score of 11:18.

The teams were equal fight in the first part of the game, but after the halfway point, our competitors managed a decisive breakthrough, after which to catch up with their national team of Ukraine has already failed. Through this defeat Ukrainian women have lost the chance to play in the playoffs.

In the last match, the team of Vladimir Kholopova surely won against the national team of Indonesia, winning the match with the score 22:5.

Eventually, after four matches in the asset our team one victory is not enough to reach the playoffs of the world championship. In previous matches, our women lost to Italy, Russia and New Zealand.

What are the rules in the game of 3×3?Teams play only one half court with one basket. The two teams consist of three players and one substitute. The team has to attack for 12 seconds. The first team that scores 21 points or is the best after 10 minutes of play wins.

The overtime is played to two points, even if he starts with the score 20:20. For far shot – 2 points, others – one by one. To get right to the attack after throwing their opponents, the team must always bring the ball behind the arc. After scoring a goal the team that missed immediately continues to play from under the basket, opponents can’t interfere with her inside of a semicircle. Each team has one timeout per game.

Starting with the 7th team all fouls are punishable by two penalties, even if the ball has been counted. Starting with the 10th team all fouls shall be awarded two free throws plus possession of the opponent (even if the ball is counted). Fouls in the attack do not rush, regardless of the number of team fouls.