Ukrainian workers was struck by a Frank confession: “the President himself”

Украинские заробитчане поразили откровенной исповедью: «сам президент»

Many young Ukrainians go to work abroad, and as a result there and remain because they see no prospects in Ukraine

The post Ukrainians, who described his own experience of the job search in Ukraine and abroad, literally blew up the social networks.

Because something terrible confession of the guy exposed the Ukrainian realities, which many don’t want to talk.

“I’m 25. I’m young and full of energy. About such it is accepted to speak – the future of Ukraine. But somehow, I don’t need my country. It is not necessary professionals, workers and men of science. I rented an apartment with a girl. Along with the communal?? a month comes out to about 4 thousand UAH. This is without food, clothes, recreation, minibuses for 4 UAH. or how much they cost, cultural and educational events and so forth,” began guy.

It is quite clear that the question of private housing is not.

“To make my apartment here is NOT possible!!! So you have to remove. Young people have to work 2 jobs just to not die of hunger,” – said Ukrainian.

According to him, whom he has just not worked, and “trough in the Slovak offer to buy is still very difficult.” A loan you have to take even “stupid phone”.

“Have higher education and have to work on a specialty, thinking about nothing, and, again, masters, specialists and workers don’t need my country. And if you need something for a penny… the Average wage is $ 200. The real average wage, not that mold on the box,” – said the guy who in the end had to go to work.

“Although we are all different, our stories are reduced to one – children are not fed patriotism, the wife will not buy anything for the love of their country, and parents will not help fables about a bright tomorrow,” he said.

However, much confusion among young men was the fact that in Ukraine, want to impose a tax on the income of workers.

“Instead of ensuring jobs and a decent salary, you make people leave the plants in the f*PU and feel their slaves, and in the end just knocked them grandmother?”, – angry guy.

“I will not give anyone a dime. Even though deported and deprived of citizenship. Even though the President himself will come to meet me at the border. Why should I work somewhere, leaving all his to survive and asking me to do taxes? Why to find a job in MS*Noah Poland or the Czech Republic is easier than my country?” noted zarobitchanin.

“The conflict occurred in one of the bars in the city centre. The men were discussing Ukraine’s relations with Russia. The opinions of the men dispersed, and began at the bar, a verbal altercation escalated into a fight on the street”, – stated in the message.

After the Ukrainian left the bar, he was attacked from behind, knocked to the ground and began kicking, reported to local law enforcement. The man was hospitalized with injuries:

“Estonian pleaded guilty and said he regretted the incident. The Ukrainian said that he has to attack claims and asked to stop pre-trial investigation. According to the victim, he came to Lithuania and was planning to live and work here, but after that want to return home” – referred to in the message.

The total number of Ukrainian workers is about 2.5 million. Most often Ukrainians go to work in Poland, the Russian Federation and Italy.

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Украинские заробитчане поразили откровенной исповедью: «сам президент»

Украинские заробитчане поразили откровенной исповедью: «сам президент»

Украинские заробитчане поразили откровенной исповедью: «сам президент»

Украинские заробитчане поразили откровенной исповедью: «сам президент»