Ukrainians are deceived with rental property: a new scheme

Как украинцев обманывают с арендой жилья: новая схема

Ukrainians told how not to fall into the trap of scammers when renting an apartment. Fraudsters came up with a new scheme that allows criminals to cash in on gullible people, the newspaper writes “Facts”.

Andrew Sivak was looking for an apartment in Kiev through the Internet. Looking through the want ads, saw appropriate. Got call, picked up the girl and announced that it will give you all the details of the mistress if he’ll pay 800 hryvnias. Also added that if the apartment is not suitable, the Agency will look for another option.

Rental housing: in Kiev, change the rules of the apartment

According to Andrew, an employee of the Agency Tatiana assured that the apartment really looks like in the photos, there is the necessary appliances and all the amenities. To the question, why such low standards in Kiev, the price, the hostess said that she wants to find tenants as quickly as possible.

The apartment was a ten minute walk from the metro station and was worth six thousand. The man called for contacts that have been transferred, the tube was raised by a girl named Ilona, and said he was very busy and would call back.

“Didn’t call back. And never answered my calls. And the announcement on the site of the surrender of the apartment in rent was no longer active. Not knowing what was happening, I called Tatiana from the Agency. She said that ad is not active because the apartment is kind of booked for me. Why Ilona didn’t answer the phone, Tatiana didn’t know,” says the victim.

Later Tatiana stopped responding to calls. It turned out that the Agency was not real estate, and information. And the documents they took the money, we are not obliged to look for an apartment, but only provide information services. The owners of these agencies are registered as private entrepreneurs and formal law, they do not break. Such agencies make a fool of hundreds of people, but because the Ukrainians it is important to learn to approach more closely to the apartment.

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