“Ukrainians are facing up to 7 years in prison”: what you need to know about the campaign and bribery in the elections

"Украинцам грозит до 7 лет тюрьмы": что нужно знать про агитацию и подкуп на выборах

Illegal ads, shady payoffs and bribery: all this is the reality of elections in Ukraine

This week the Minister promised to bring in a bill on strengthening the responsibility for violations during the elections, including voter bribery: violations of the plan to punish with imprisonment for a term of three to seven years.

Thus, according to the interior Ministry, since the beginning of the start of the election campaign, the police received 1871 appeal on the violation of election law.

“The party “Block of Petro Poroshenko” – 454 complaints of violations of the “Fatherland” – 353, “Samopomich” – 169, “Civil position” – 131, the Radical party – 122″, – said the interior Ministry. They added that most recorded cases of bribery, illegal outdoor advertising, and bullying.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. A big part of campaigning is not paid from election funds of candidates, and illegal, unreported way. The biggest problem is the illegal payment of the agitators, future observers and members of election commissions. By the way, recently, the CEC issued a clarification which stated that the headquarters can be paid only organizational services related to food and transportation.

According to data of the Register of court decisions, most fresh “elective” cases are administrative in form. However, there are also criminal offences. In particular, since the beginning of the election campaign was instituted 35 criminal proceedings on the fact of bribery. But to prove a person’s guilt in such cases is very difficult.

Until all of Ukraine is only one precedent of real penalties for bribery: Odessa oblast woman was sentenced to five and a half years of imprisonment for bribing voters in the amount of 200 UAH.

Note, the current legislation considers as a bribe gift to the voter is worth more than 3% of the subsistence minimum for able-bodied: today it is about 60 UAH. In Parliament registered a bill, which proposed to consider bribery and the provision of food in any amount from candidate.

"Украинцам грозит до 7 лет тюрьмы": что нужно знать про агитацию и подкуп на выборах

"Украинцам грозит до 7 лет тюрьмы": что нужно знать про агитацию и подкуп на выборах