Ukrainians are waiting for the increase of pensions in the spring: how will it be

Украинцев ждет увеличение пенсий весной: как это будет

The increase in pensions from March 1: Deputy Prime Minister clarified the main points

The money should be enough for the latest pensions in the state budget allocated subsidiary of 17.4 billion. UAH.

Ukrainian citizens of pension age in any weather acquire 1 March-high pensions. About this previously described large number of times – civil servants love to repeat social slogans, especially before elections. This time the resounding statement on “channel 5” thundered Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko that pensioners will add to the payment of 17-20%.

After this, the authorities have pledged to increase pensions every year in an automatic manner. Officials love to repeat that over the past 2 years pensions have increased by half, and now constitute 2645 UAH.

“This is one of the key items of the reform that was implemented. In the month of March, annually March 1, will be modernizing the pension benefits. For the first time over the past 5-7 years, we have come to this process, when you can ensure modernization of pensions to all categories of citizens” – said Rozenko.

He assured that in the budget enough money. What a public servant is not said is about the current payments to the Pension Fund for its own debts. Despite the fact that established, the fact that repayment of the liquidity gaps, the PF rapidly took out loans with total Treasury account, and in the end of 2018 not returned 4.8 billion. UAH. If he gave them now is unclear.

What is clear of course – that’s what PF had to allocate more funds for the indexation of pensions. In data needs in the state budget-2019 the cost of subsidizing the Pension Fund was increased by 17.4 billion. UAH. and reached 167.5 billion. UAH.

Remember, the Ukrainians will be felt by all of the “beauty” of the pension reform, together with sovremenie pensions and the latest translation rule payments, has tightened and requirements

So, if a person lacks a 26 years working experience, in this case, missing and pensions in 60 years.

Now the Ukrainians start to work somewhere at the age of 21, if you’re not a student, because the doctors have a chance to acquire a complete medical education only 25-26 years. Thus, if starting from 26 years of constant labor, in this case to 60 years will be in General only 34 years experience. Therefore, retirement will be possible only in 63 (or purchase the one year of experience).

Украинцев ждет увеличение пенсий весной: как это будет

Украинцев ждет увеличение пенсий весной: как это будет