Ukrainians began to earn more coins…

Украинцы стали больше зарабатывать на... монетах

The purchase of commemorative and investment coins issued by the national Bank, many Ukrainians considered as one of the options for the conservation and enhancement funds. Moreover, in recent years, it seems that this form of investment becoming more popular. According to the NBU, last year the number of commemorative coins increased threefold, compared with 2017 year. And the number of sales of investment coins has increased twice.

Gold held in high esteem

NBU commemorative coins are made of Nickel silver, silver and gold. Bullion coins differ from the memory that portion of pure precious metal in them is 999,9.

Last year, the Bank also began to issue coins from an alloy of zinc-based par value of UAH 10. These coins were sold almost 2 million units And that of the zinc coins have improved the statistics of the national Bank commemorative coins immediately tripled. Although these coins can hardly be seen as an investment investment – they were sold at face value and, unlike other commemorative coins are valid means of payment.

But significantly increased and sales of precious metals coins, and this fact suggests that the purchase of numismatic products is considered by many as a way of earning and investment.

So, in 2018, the national Bank sold to the population of 1.6 thousand gold coins, while in 2017 was less than half – only 830 pieces of Silver coins in 2018, has sold 65.8 thousand in 2017- 47,3 thousand pieces.

Probably, the figures for the silver coins could be more. However, in this case the volume of purchases is limited editions. Almost all silver coins that are sold in the “primary market”, i.e. in the regional offices of the NBU and the partner banks, and sold at a recommended price of the NBU, sold out very quickly.

But the Nickel silver coins of the NBU issued and sold less: 1 million PCs, whereas in 2017 it sold 1.2 million pieces. However, in this case sales volume as determined by the runs.

Commemorative coins are also “investment”

The interest of Ukrainians to the memorable precious metal coins due to the fact that their prices on the secondary market may at times exceed those on which sells the coins of the NBU. So, last year was first released hex coins dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences. The retail price of the NBU on one such coin was 629 UAH per set – a little more than 2500 UAH. Now the minimum price for this set on the secondary market – UAH 2950. That is, the profit, in the case of the sale of the coins will be a minimum of 17%. And it is in the first year after investing.

Украинцы стали больше зарабатывать на... монетах

Украинцы стали больше зарабатывать на... монетах