Ukrainians call for a “rebellion” near the Parliament, all because of Zelensky: “what is worst in 28 years”

Украинцев зовут на "бунт" возле Рады, все из-за Зеленского: "самое серьезное за 28 лет"

For the winner of the presidential race Vladimir Zelensky Ukrainians are ready for everything, even the “rebellion” under the Verkhovna Rada

Well-known Ukrainian blogger from Crimea Lisa Bogutskaya shared his opinion about the fact that some Ukrainians accuse Vladimir Zelensky that he is very eager for power. In your Facebook Bogutskaya has identified a few main points about this subject, and urged all concerned to come to Parliament on may 14.

Recall that the date of inauguration of newly elected President the Parliament will vote on 14 may when will take the appropriate decision.

She noted that it is not the leader of the presidential race in a hurry, and the Ukrainian people in a hurry, which gave Zelensky those powers that are prescribed in the Constitution. The people have entrusted Vladimir Alexandrovich the post of the President of Ukraine and people ask for fulfilled promises and deeds, not those that are planned.

Blogger, for example, recalled information attack 2014, where it was confirmed that Poroshenko needed to be elected in the first round. Then he sowed promises which will never be true, just chose from in the 1st round. Arguing that it is necessary to make to Putin is not attacked for a few hours to end the war, to Crimea that’s returned.

The blogger tried to explain to unhappy, why Zelensky insists on the inauguration, on 19 may, the Day of memory of victims of political repression:

“You miserable, don’t come to mind that came to the inauguration, the leaders of evropeiskih countries and the USA, together with the President Zelensky and all the people of Ukraine will honor the MEMORY of the victims of repression of all political regimes? In particular, the regime Poroshenko. Can quickly drag another pioneer day, to be sure to find matching Zelensky with Soviet nomenclature, which infected all of you. Without exception.”.

According to her, during the time when the new President can make appointments, old puts beacons-trap, then to his hand, lured, the Court could cancel the illegal decision Zelensky. During this time, leaving quickly destroy all documents, which can obtain a much larger period than for corruption. Namely, the proof of involvement of complicity of the country-aggressor. They are afraid of accusations in financial crimes and state treachery.

Many netizens send the blogger a lot of questions which asking if it was true that Zelensky will be premieres: Timoshenko, Avakov, Garden, Smeshko, also ask is it true that the command ze is Portnov, Lukash and Kolomoisky. The blogger insists that in order to deal with all these issues to the Ukrainian people and the necessary inauguration of the President and encourages all to come on may 14 to the Parliament.

“And WE, those who have families politicheskih victims of repression, and one on the history of their family knows what it is, anyway, what day is Inauguration day. This is not a wedding of the son of Lutsenko or son Avakov, in the end. It’s not a birthday Surkis, where Yatsenyuk was seated near Akhmetov and Poroshenko said Surkis is a good guy (such as the nick Zlochevsky). It does not award titles Lutsenko and Poroshenko, Ira and Marina. The event, which waits for the whole country. And for the last 28 years, perhaps the most serious and the most expected. May 14. Gather near the Verkhovna Rada. Business day “folk” begins in 10 hours. Who wants to come early – come. Who with the train pull up. A chance of rain. Be ready for it.”, writes Lisa Bogutskaya.

Украинцев зовут на "бунт" возле Рады, все из-за Зеленского: "самое серьезное за 28 лет"

Украинцев зовут на "бунт" возле Рады, все из-за Зеленского: "самое серьезное за 28 лет"

Украинцев зовут на "бунт" возле Рады, все из-за Зеленского: "самое серьезное за 28 лет"