Ukrainians can be on the street with their families

Украинцы могут оказаться на улице целыми семьями

To Parliament there were several bills which significantly spoil the life of homeowners earning on the delivery of apartments by providing new restrictions on the use of the housing stock.

So, deputies suggest to forbid to take shelter in apartment buildings rent for office space or for use as hostels.

According to the authors of the bill, is that a direct prohibition exists only for the use of apartments for commercial production. With regard to other activities wording or unclear or contradict each other in various legislative and normative acts. And this leads to the fact that housing is actively used for offices and shops, and at hotels, hostels etc And not to deal with legal intricacies, the owners do everything “blind” without translation of premises in uninhabited Fund and without registering their activity. And accordingly, do not pay taxes and fees.

For implementation of economic activities the use of apartments is permitted only to persons who are their owners or place of residence which was in the apartment, provided that such activity does not violate the rights and interests of other owners of premises in this residential building and is not contrary to the rules of use of residential houses and residential premises.

Fine for violations of plan immediately. First, the owner will be prevented. If that doesn’t help, then he will have to pay from one to three non-taxable minimum.

MPs propose to increase the penalties for such a business once in a thousand times and without warning. Under the new initiative, for the first time the offender will have to pay from 2,000 to 3,000 non-taxable minimum, that is 000-51 to 34 000 UAH.

But if that does not work, then when you try to cheat the government, the sum will soar to 81000 USD.

Among the interesting provisions of the new law is to oblige the landlord to provide each person with an area not less than eight square meters of total area of the apartment. This requirement will put an end to the aspirations to organize a hostel.

In turn, experts believe the real estate market: after the adoption of these bills, the cost of rental housing will increase significantly and for many families will be simply unaffordable.