Ukrainians can suggest a name for the planet: how to do it

Украинцы могут предложить имя для планеты: как это сделать

Ukrainians have received a unique opportunity to propose a name for the exoplanet HAT-P-15b. This facility opened in 2010. Planet located in the constellation of Perseus.

Also Ukrainians can suggest a name for the parent star, around which revolves this exoplanet.

Ukrainian astronomical Association (UAA) announced a nationwide competition for the best name of the parent star and its planet-satellite.

The international astronomical Union (IAU) has invited countries to name the system that contain one star and one planet. Each country has got its own system for naming. Ukraine received the planetary system HAT-P-15, which is located in the constellation of Perseus.

What is known about HAT-P-15? The exoplanet is at a distance of 0.0965 astronomical units from the star, the planet is a gas giant with a mass of 1.94 Jupiter masses and an orbital period of 10.9 days. Its star is a yellow dwarf (type G) and still unattainable for the observing telescopes.

Title in Ukraine will choose through the ballot box. The new name will not replace traditional scientific notation, but the new name will also be official and will publish it with attribution.

Time. The selection process will last until September 30 this year. The new name should have a connection with history, science, or culture of Ukraine.

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