Ukrainians caught in the Russian technology of sowing fear and frustration

Украинцы попались на российскую технологию посева страха и разочарования

The Russian technology of sowing fear, frustration and intimidation has found fertile ground in the form of our mentality. A significant part of Ukrainians are accustomed to complain to the authorities, each other, and bad circumstances, just not noticing victories.

About this in his video blog “Chronicles of an undeclared war,” said the founder of the charitable Foundation “come Back alive” Vitaly Deynega.

During the war the Ukrainians were thousands of reason for disappointment, and each of them was amplified by the Russians in the thousands of times. And to the Ukrainian victory was the applied technology of uncertainty, fear and doubt:

  1. Voennoe successful resistance of the Russian army;
  2. Bezviz;
  3. Tomos;
  4. The reform of the army;
  5. Patrol police;
  6. The appearance of the system ProZorro, which is considered one of the best in the world;
  7. The emergence of the anti-corruption law enforcement agencies;
  8. E-the Declaration of the officials;
  9. decentralization;
  10. New developments of the domestic defense industry.

“And do not think that I have forgotten about the attacks on activists, the economic crisis caused by the war, the murder of Gandzyuk, countering the anti-corruption bodies or anti-corruption investigation of journalists. No. I just noticed that every day?? in our segment of social networks less to say about the undeniable success of recent years, because it only raises your chances to be persecuted as bots and real people, influence which has reached its goal,” – said Deynega.

He added that social networks show what we like, distorting reality and creating the illusion that our views are shared by more people than it actually is.

This is done in order to keep us as long as possible on the territory of another online platform that monetizes data about us, showing us the advertising of private companies, political parties, and in recent years, and the stuffing information of the aggressor. So we just have to accept the fact that people in different countries or even different regions or different social groups within the region are living in their information bubble and have their “truth”. Therefore, the attacker has to penetrate your it environment or in the world to form around you

explained Deynega.

Video full video blog of Vitaliy Deynega “Chronicle of an undeclared war” in the 9 March 2019

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Украинцы попались на российскую технологию посева страха и разочарования