Ukrainians drink less domestic wine: “Us conquers France and Italy”

Украинцы пьют все меньше отечественного вина: "Нас завоевывает Франция и Италия"

Ukrainians buy less wine domestic manufacturers – if in 2018 for one person in the country had to 1.23 liters of still wine, in 2019, this figure amounted to 1.12 L. The same applies to sparkling wines in 2018 on average, one Ukrainian consumes 0.57 l of alcoholic beverage, and in 2019 – already 0,49 L. Such data are voiced in the forum vindelici WineHub 20 Feb creative Director of Tabasco Alexander Smirnov.

According to him, the correspondingly decreased spending of citizens on Ukrainian wine: 80,77 UAH per capita in 2018 to 2019 80,65 UAH in for a quiet wine and 63,54 of 58.55 to UAH sparkling. At the same time, wine consumption is growing in the country, emphasizes Smirnov – for the last five years, the amount of consumed wine per Ukrainian increased from 2.17 to 2.68 liters per year.

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“In Ukraine, one person drinks about 3.6 bottles per year, and this figure gradually rises. The consumption of all categories of Ukrainian wines falls. While growing our market due to the expansion of international wines. They provide the highest wine consumption in the country – in fact Ukraine is culturally conquering France, Italy and other”, – said the expert.

In his opinion, to save the situation can creative. “This finding in a particular niche, innovation, formula, bottles, design, influencer” – lists the creative Director.

He is confident that today influencer – the best inspirers for consumers. “These people in their social networks to talk about their life and inspire us, they are able to move from profession to profession, and to make breakthroughs that will amaze the whole world.”

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As an example, Smirnov cited the case of Francis Coppola, Director of the trilogy “the Godfather” – the one from 1974 is engaged in winemaking, while his business was very successful: the products are imported in 60 countries and provides a steady income.

“This synergy works very simply: the passion of popular man is able to energize the other businesses, and the audience, respecting influencer, able to flow from one product, in this case a movie, the other with wine” – explains a top-the Manager.

Attention should be paid to the visual component of production: it is and appearance, innovation in these matters – for example, the latest breakthrough in the area of viral advertising and labels that come to life via a smartphone app.

Another challenge that needs to take Ukrainian industry to win citizens – a change in the target audience for the new and unpredictable generation: the buzzer, the Millennials and younger – “alpha”.

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“Wine brands must adapt to their desires. People of new generation are just tired of the fact that were inspired by older consumers. They have a different culture, they do not want to accept the old wine of the history, so brands should give them a new wine sensation” – said Smirnov.

So, the modern industry is looking for a new recipe because the audience doesn’t want strong alcohol, the trend is to give a new emotion through new flavours, new alcohol entertainment of those who are tired of old alcohol culture. In addition, the Ukrainian wineries need to consider three global trends – globalization, technology and climate change.

“The social aspect dictates the wine industry of the importance of social programmes, therefore, now developing a social component of business – for example, funding the shelters. Brands must also understand that the climate agenda in the future will affect the taste of wine, its production”, – said the expert.

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In his opinion, the domestic manufacturers also need to join associations of their region to win Ukraine the status of a wine country: “there are No great wines without great wine regions, people do not see one brand, they see the country in which the wine is produced”.

Украинцы пьют все меньше отечественного вина: "Нас завоевывает Франция и Италия"