Ukrainians face a new danger: there might be 1 Feb

Украинцам грозит новая опасность: накроет уже 1 февраля

In the last few months the Sun has been particularly active since the star has entered a period of low activity. These phases are expressed in the appearance of small dark spots on the surface of the Sun.

This is the most protracted period of calm, starting from 2008 year. According to experts, in 2019 is not expected to powerful magnetic storms. Despite this, in February is expected a few attacks, on the 26th of January, there was the ejection of coronal matter into the area of the spots AR2733, which extends on 100 thousand kilometers.

Subsequently, on 1 February on Earth would be expected geomagnetic storm, G1. The end of the month also to be held under the sign of magnetic storms. From 19 to 21 February, the magnetosphere of our planet will be excited.

Note, scientists have not yet examined how fluctuations in the magnetic field effect on the body. But doctors advise people who can not tolerate the pressure surges, in the days of magnetic storms is still to err, and to follow some simple rules. So, weather-sensitive people during magnetic storms is very important to sleep well, avoid high physical stress, sports, tiring shopping.

Therapists explain that in the days when raging “Magnitogorsk”, in hypertensive patients can jump the pressure, and hypotensive, on the contrary, to fall. Medic suggest how to reverse these troubles. Hypertensive patients need to drink plenty of water and reduce the salt intake during this period, because salt retains fluid in the body and leads to increase in pressure. A hypotensive, you can take holyblue tincture of Siberian ginseng or Schizandra.

In the period of geomagnetic fluctuations even resistant people feel their impact. Threats to health there, but there may be a deterioration of health.

Doctors say that periods of geomagnetic fluctuations observed increase in the number of heart attacks, hypertensive crises and strokes. In addition, some people may experience disorders of the nervous system. These periods are also accompanied by headache, migraine, palpitations, insomnia, malaise, low vitality, pressure drops.

Украинцам грозит новая опасность: накроет уже 1 февраля