Ukrainians have been left without medicines

Украинцев оставили без лекарства от гриппа

Ukraine pharmacy has gone the drug against the flu Tamiflu. Pharmacists say that it is not for a couple of months.

Where there is scarce a medicine, its price grows twice as much in. But doctors warn – everyone taking this drug should not be, the more it may cause side effects.

At the pharmacy, “pharmacy” №1 on the street in Kiev “Tamiflu” there is a couple of months. “Brought in just one pack and immediately redeem. Stock this medication is long gone,” he told OBOZREVATEL pharmacist.

The same situation exists in the “Pharmacy for the budget” on the street in the capital. There are already three months of this medication are seen. “Warehouse sold the remnants from last year. New not received, for three months we do not have” – told us the pharmacist.

“Farmateka” Zlatoust confirmed that “Tamiflu” is long gone, he didn’t even order in the warehouse. In a drugstore “Hormonal preparations” bull. L. Ukrainka flu medication was not. “Now shortages of Tamiflu, it is not. And, too, there are no analogues in the pharmacy,” – said the pharmacist. The same situation in Kharkiv and Lviv.

But scarce drug flu can I buy online. Here it is sold for 650 UAH hands on a free classified ads website. But in online pharmacy is the “Norm” we were told that the drug delivery in the capital will cost 1560 UAH. “But I can send you by mail, it will cost 1080 UAH, however, will be tomorrow,” said the employee.

Pharmacy in Kiev goloseyevsky Avenue promised that the drug from the flu they will be on Tuesday, February 5. His price is 1000 UAH per pack. Although even before the new year medicine cost no more than 600-700 UAH.

The chief of Department of therapy of the Kyiv city hospital №11 Gregory the salted pork is believes that the deficit is the fault of the officials who were not warned about the impending flu epidemic of group A.

“The fact that Tamiflu is the only drug for the treatment of influenza group A, recommended by our protocols. No reason not warn commercial companies that need to purchase. Pharmacies no test flu, which can be performed at home. Watching the performance of an official of the Ministry of health, who says – and why should you test go to the family doctor, he will diagnose. As a doctor, no test can diagnose what is wrong?” – surprised in an interview with OBOZREVATEL the salted pork is.

However, Tamiflu may cause side effects. Often parents complain that this medicine in children vomiting. “Junior assigned “Tamiflu”, and it is strongly sick. And the doctor said that nothing more flu will not help,” complains the mother of a small us Brand Victoria Zakharchenko from Kharkov.

There were also reports that in the first 24-48 hours of oseltamivir (active ingredient of “Tamiflu”) can cause even mental disorders: depressed mood, panic attack, delirium, especially in children. The first sounded the alarm in Japan. They even use special packaging, where it is warned that you should not give this medicine to children.

As a result, the oseltamivir was tested the Cochrane group is an international non-profit organization that studies the effectiveness of medical technologies. They regularly publish their reviews. The conclusion of the Commission – the effect of the drug is greatly exaggerated.

According to an infectious disease doctor Vitaly Yevtushenko, this medication really can cause vomiting.

“It was reported that in rare cases psychotic disorder, but in my practice have not experienced this. Unless there is nausea. But everyone to take “Tamiflu” should not be. His doctors prescribed only when indicated. For example, children up to 1 year. Or if a person has the flu runs hard, have a chronic disease, in such cases, to avoid severe pneumonia, and prescribed “Tamiflu”. Just drink it away from high temperature and headache is not necessary,” – said Yevtushenko OBOZREVATEL.

The doctor also indicates a caveat. Over time, the potency of the drug decreases. “If at the beginning of the flu season in November, it is a good fight with the disease, and patients taking it may not infect their relatives, by the spring of his action is reduced. The virus adapts to the medication,” says Yevtushenko.

According to the doctor, hospital scarce medication are provided. “Even before the beginning of the epidemic were made the purchase, so this drug in hospitals there are,” concluded Yevtushenko.