Ukrainians have created a holster for a smartphone

Украинцы создали кобуру для смартфона

Odessa AGE team released a new version of the holster for smartphones called Phonster Z. the Novelty introduced in the Kickstarter community. Just a day development has collected six times more than the originally claimed amount. reports that the Ukrainians gathered on Kickstarter $ 30, 000.

Phonster Z is a cover for a smartphone. It can store and other things. It is made of eco-leather and has the shape of a holster. Also, the developers have added some metal parts to be more securely attached.

Also the case was waterproof.

Along with this AGE released the bag Phonster Z Tablet, which can be worn on the chest or over the shoulder. In this bag you can place a smartphone, powerbank, exercises, and documents or something like that.

Украинцы создали кобуру для смартфона

Bag Phonster Z Tablet

Novelties will go on sale in may 2019.

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